On 8 November 2017, AB “Klaipedos nafta”, Klaipeda University, Lithuanian Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) cluster, UAB “Litgas”, UAB “Lietuvos dujų tiekimas” and AB “Amber Grid” established the LNG Platform in Lithuania in accordance with the Letter of Intent on cooperation, signed with the National LNG Platform of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, on 28 June 2016.

The partners of the Platform seek to promote the use of LNG as a new, cleaner and quieter fuel in the transport, industry and other economic sectors, and to create a common information and work platform for all potential LNG market players.

The LNG Platform objectives:

  • to promote LNG business and investments, to cooperate in energy and other fields of economics in order to increase Lithuania’s economic competitiveness;
  • to promote the use of LNG as one of the cleanest fossil fuels in the transport and industry sectors;
  • to inform the society of LNG and the possibilities of its use;
  • to participate in the development of national and regional policies and to promote science and technology development in the field of LNG;
  • to develop and improve LNG supply terms and legal regulation in Lithuania and neighbouring regions, making full use of the capabilities of LNG carrier – storage “Independence” in Klaipeda as the hub for the whole Baltic Sea Region;
  • to initiate joint projects regarding LNG with the state, municipal and business enterprises in order to achieve the best possible market solution when financing, making public and developing such projects not only in Lithuania but also in the neighbouring regions;
  • to promote the development of economic and commercial activities in the fields of activity of LNG Platform partners;
  • to collaborate with foreign partners engaged in LNG activities in order to meet the LNG Platform objectives.

The partners of the Platform will invest their own funds in the activity of the Platform and realisation of its objectives.