LNG filling stations in Lithuania – one more step forward! Financing the installation of LNG filling points have made its way through the DNA plan of the future economy of Lithuania, approved by the Lithuanian Government, with 2.34 million euros of subsidies for the installation of at least 2 LNG refueling points on state main roads. This infrastructure will encourage the development of alternative and sustainable fuel for heavy road transport. Small-scale LNG reloading station, operated by KN (AB Klaipėdos Nafta), with capacity of 5,000 cubic meters of LNG is a good starting point for such development.

“Europe has long recognized the benefits of LNG in heavy road transport and the total number of LNG refueling points is approaching 300. In Spain alone, there are 58 such stations, 28 in Germany and 25 in the Netherlands. It’s a normal practice. And this is understandable because LNG is the single cleanest and alternative to heavy road transport. LNG-powered trucks with a full tank can cover a distance of up to 1,600 km and significantly reduce emissions,”says Jurgita Šilinskaitė-Venslovienė, KN’s Head of LNG Commerce.


Source of information and photo courtesy: Klaipėdos Nafta (KN)

LNG filling stations in Lithuania – one more step forward