The Environmental Project Management Agency has announced even three invitations to submit an application for support, to address climate change problems in the energy, transport, and agriculture sectors. For this purpose, from the Climate Change Program administered by the Environment ministry is provided 37 million Euros. The purpose of the support is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

15 million Euros is intended to support the purchase of vehicles using electricity, compressed or liquefied natural gas, biomethane or hydrogen also required creation and development of the necessary infrastructure. The subsidies will cover up to 40% purchase costs and will be provided to operators engaged in the carriage of passengers, providing utilities, commercial or logistical services, as well as the development of alternative fuels infrastructure. Applications are accepted until September 1st. More details can be found here.

14 million Euros will be allocated for the use of renewable energy sources (solar, wind, geothermal energy, biofuels, etc.) in public and industrial buildings of private legal entities, other engineering structures (landfills, sewage treatment plants) replacing fossil fuels. Subsidies will cover up to 30%. Applications are accepted until August 3rd. More information can be found here.

8 million Euros is intended for investments to support the installation of biomethane gas production and purification facilities. Subsidies will cover up to 65% and will be provided to private legal entities such as large, medium or small enterprises and agricultural operators. Applications are accepted until September 1st. More information can be found here.

The Environmental Project Management Agency will select projects through a competition according to established criteria.

Source of the information: Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania

Environment ministry has provided 37 million Euros in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions